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The Kalyana Creme 1 softens too hard and gives more elasticity to the soft.
The elasticity of the tissues and ligaments is supported, the use during pregnancy has proven particularly successful. Tired and sagging skin is revitalized and gains elasticity and freshness, for example on the abdomen and breasts.
For fine, supple skin even with calluses and cracks. It is also suitable for nail and lip care.
The elasticity and resilience that calcium fluoratum guarantees on the physical level can also be transferred to the mental area . It strengthens the courage to try new things and promotes the will to try other ways and to trust in the fullness of life. The mental, emotional and physical flexibility is strengthened.
Hardening in the body indicates that it is necessary to promote our inner mobility. In contrast, loose tapes indicate that energy, confident demeanor and your own decision for the direction of the inner path must be strengthened.

Kalyana Cream No. 1 - Calcium Fluoratum